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About Us

We are a large and professional retailer & wholesale of shoes online. We always provide the best quality for selling online. All our shoes come with the original box, tags, retro cards, accessories whenever such things are required. We are very aware of shoes business and sort through the poor quality items so that you do not have to take that risk when you purchase products from us.

Another potentially huge problem in wholesale is customs boards of certain countries. Many suppliers cannot get their goods by customs due to their lack of skills in business or lack of connections they fail to complete forms accurately and it costs your business time and money to sort out such large problems. We can provide products safely, and quickly to pass customs leaving and entering, wherever you may reside in the World, we also are aware of how to limit all border taxes to minimize them and often eliminate them entirely so you pay no taxes at all on your orders.

We're often asked how we're able to sell items at such low prices. Although we consider it a compliment that our prices are so low, they're almost unbelievable - we certainly understand your curiosity! There are a number of methods we use when running our business to bring prices down as far as possible.

Many other online stores blindly order their stock from all sorts of international suppliers. We negotiate products at the lowest prices with our international suppliers face to face, and really go in to bat for our customers.

Of course, we're a big supporter of American suppliers as well. Our American-based stock scouts are busy scurrying around the country, meeting and greeting suppliers and checking their product ranges - especially their overstocked items. For many reasons, suppliers often find themselves with far more products than they need or can afford to store - that's when we swoop in and purchase their stock at discount rock bottom prices. This is another way we can offer pretty darn unbeatable value.

We're also one of the extremely few number of online retailers in American who warehouse most of our own products. You may be surprised to learn that certain other big online stores don't actually store their own stock - they simply send requests to their suppliers to forward their stock on to customers. This can lead to all sorts of problems, and frankly, is really inefficient. Our enormous warehouse is buzzing with state-of-the-art stock management technology and staff busily picking and packing your orders, so they can make their merry way to your door! Because we can manage the end-to-end order fulfilment, we're in complete control and can offer even further value to you.

You'll also notice that we only sell items online, and don't operate retail stores. Bricks and mortar shops are normally really expensive to run, which means we're able to save on all sorts of expenses. It's just an inefficient method of distribution - plus we reckon being able to shop in your pyjamas on your home PC, whenever it suits you, is much more preferable!

The bottom line is that although we've put many methods into place to bring our costs down... we're a customer focused business. We grew to become American most popular online department store mostly through word of mouth - and we're continuing to achieve that through customer service that delights, top quality products, and unbeatable value. 400,000 customers have already begun shopping with us in American- if you're not one of them, we hope you'll soon realise the bargains we can offer you. If you have any questions at all, feel free to chat live with a mdkicks staff member online, or to send us an email.